Test Automation and Selenium

Using a software to execute number of tests without human interaction is known as test automation. This involves comparing of predicted result to the actual result obtained, checking of GUI components and actions, and other testing control and creating test reports to indicate the summery of the tests. Although manual testing can find more defects compared to automation, test automation is a very efficient and cost effective process when doing quality assurance for software products which have a long maintenance life. The most important thing of test automation for products having long maintenance life is, when introducing new patches to upgrade the product, it may cause some other features to fail which were working properly before introducing the patch. Therefore to identify such defects we can say, test automation is the most efficient method.

Test automation is another software developing or coding process. Therefore it may also have bugs which cause properly working software functions may be considered as buggy. Because of that when doing test automation, we should make it a point to develop a bug free test framework for our requirement. And we should know automation is not always advantageous process in software quality assurance. Manual testing may be more appropriate in cases when the application or GUI get changed time to time, there is no time to automate tests, etc. Therefore we should carefully decide whether to automate or not our tests.


Selenium is a web application software testing framework which consists of set of tools for test automation. Selenium provides a rich set of testing functions for testing of a web application. There three major tools which power the selenium framework.

Selenium-IDE :

Selenium-IDE is the Integrated Development Environment use to develop Selenium test cases. It is implemented as a Firefox add-on and can be used to record, edit, and debug tests. For more details of how to install and use selenium IDE refer http://seleniumhq.org/docs/03_selenium_ide.html

Selenium-RC :

Selenium-RC can be used for tests that need more than simple browser actions and linear execution. This can be used to create more complex tests such as database accessing, file accessing, emailing test results, etc. For more details, refer http://seleniumhq.org/docs/05_selenium_rc.html


Selenium-Grid coordinates multiple instances of Selenium-RC are running on various operating system and browser configurations. Tests can be run on lot of platforms at the same time saving lot of time and allowing wider testing. For more details, refer http://selenium-grid.seleniumhq.org/how_it_works.html


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